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Let's try to not fall behind on news this time : EmuManiac, webmaster of the german emulation news site <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Emukult</a> just messaged me to inform me about his latest Nemu64 INI release, getting the version number up to v2.3.1. The changes :<ul><li>corrected a few settings
<li>Bike Race ´98 by NaN (PD) = Working
<li>CD64 Memory Test (PD) = Working
<li>DONKEY KONG (DEMO) (PD) = Working
<li>DS1 Manager v1.0 (PD) = Working
<li>Fireworks Demos by Crowtrobo (PD) = Working
<li>Gameboy Emulator (POM ´98) (PD) = Doesnt Work
<li>Gameshark v3.3 = Doesnt Work
<li>Gblator NTSC = Doesnt Work
<li>Gblator PAL = Doesnt Work
<li>N64 Gameboy Emulator = Doesnt Work
<li>Hard Pom ´99 Demo by ts_garp (PD) = Working
<li>HSD Quick Intro (PD) = Working
<li>Kings of Porn Vol 01(PD) = Working, Audio mmy Mode
<li>MAME 64 - 90x ARCADE = Partially Working
<li>MAME-64 beta3 = Partially Working
<li>Mempack Manager for JR v0.9b = Working
<li>Mempack Manager for JR v0.9c = Working
<li>Mempack Manager for JR v0.9 = Working
<li>Money creates taste demo (PD) = Partially working
<li>N64 Scene Gallery (PD) = Working, Audio Dummy Mode
<li>Nintendo Family (PD) = Working, Audio Dummy Mode
<li>Pamela Demo Nr. 1 (PD) = Working
<li>Pips Porn Pack #3 (PD) = Working
<li>Planet Console Demo (PD) = Working
<li>R.I.P. JAY (PD) = Working
<li>Snes9x Alpha (PD) = Doesnt Work
<li>Snes9x Alpha for v64 Bios v1.91 (PD) = Doesnt Work
<li>Soncrap Intro (PD) = Working, Audio Dummy Mode
<li>SRAM 2 DS1 Tool (PD) = Doesnt Work
<li>ultraMSX2 v1.0 (PD) = Partially Working
<li>ultraMSX2 v1.0 Roms Inserted (PD) = Partially Working
<li>Universal Bootemu v1.0 = Doesnt Work
<li>TR64 Demo by Icepir8 (PD) = Working
<li>vnes Emulator v0.1 (PD) = Partially Working
<li>vnes Emulator v0.12 (PD) = Partially Working</ul>Phew, that gets us back to the question what some people do all day :) Anyway, you can download the Nemu64 INI v2.3.1 from <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=76&id=15">here</a>, or from our <a href="/n64/nemu.php">Nemu64 section</a>. For more news and infos around this emu, check out EmuManiac's <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Nemu screenshots page</a>.
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