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New Java N64 Emulator Jario64

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I have created an open source Nintendo 64 emulator written in Java called Jario64. I started the project around 2005 and have worked on it by myself off and on since that time. The emulator does work and plays some popular games. The time has now come when I would like to see if others would be interested in growing this project further, and so I am trying to get the word out about this project. More information about Jario64 can be found here: Dooglamoo Studios - Jario 64

Jason LaDere
Dooglamoo Studios
1882 S Espina St
Las Cruces NM 88001
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:eek:, It runs some games! Nice to see a N64 emu running in Java :eek:
Excellent. I guess, welcome to anything is possible.
very nice, Is this to use yet?

I realy do appreciate the work Jason LaDere, and look farwood to seeing the improvments you make on this...

Any info on seting it up will help please!, Also system requirements?
runs mario64 on my mac, rigth off webstart nice, no sound, slow , no config but vrey nice!
The source points out that many of this is takes from pj64, still cool since you can't copy & paste C/C++ and Java that easy. Nice and interesting stuff!
Can not lockin on roms folder after reset!, Mabe you can work on this!

Rom can boot from zip or rar but slow, you have to unpack rom to boot fast

I get on a 2.4ghz and 2gb ram upto 10-20 fps on zelda, try over games!

I wish i could help but im useless with codes lol!..

Nice textures though!
I just tried running Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero X on it. MK ran at mostly 11-40 FPS on the demo screens (spiked up to 60+ depending on camera angle). Single player looked nice, split screen has some graphical issues. F-Zero crashed with an opcode error.

Considering it's in Java, I'm impressed :).
Awesome project :)

Hope you keep working on this! Great stuff :D
Awesome, Awesome and again Awesome!!!

This one should be a big "IN YOUR FACE" for all those who keep talking about JAVA or any other similar language(C#?) be honest even i am impressed with what they got so far.... in fact thats what i call coding spirit! YAY!
very good !

after jpsx and jpcsp : jario64 ! nice work
It has nice speed for being the first release!
anyone tried this on Linux? (since most of you are windows noobs... user :D)
Looks sweet!

Keep up the great work!
Must be hard..

Keep that good work up man.
Nice emulator!
Im starting to study java in Uni, and i must say, impressive work.
Keep it up.
Hope you can find more people interested to join the project.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Nice job Jason; I tried it out and its already working pretty cool with Super Mario 64 (asside from speed/sound ;p)

Plan to make a java byte-code dynarec for it in the future? Or just going to keep it interpreters?
It'd be very interesting to see how fast a n64 java dynarec would be xD

Anyways cool stuff :thumb:
REALLY interesting man. Must be a hell of an experience.
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