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New Hellsing series announced (Amoung other Geneon projects)

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Geneon announced at the MIP TV trade show in France that they are involved in the production of a number of upcoming anime series. Including a new Hellsing OVA

The Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series will more closely following the original supernatural action manga. Gonzo parent company GDH listed as the Asian and European rights holder.

Ergo Proxy will be a new 23 episode TV series from manglobe directed by by Shukou Murase (Gasaraki, Gundam Wing) and written by Dai Sato (Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain).

Geneon has also acquired the rights for Erementar Gerad,

In related news a crossover series featuring Hellsing characters was talked about, but still nothing concrete. (Further details of characters or medium are unknown)

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I very much doubt it. It's likely it will cover the same ground that was covered up to the invasion of Hellsing. After that the anime and the manga split quite drasticly. Hell even the invasion was set up differently. There are no 'chipped' Vampires in the Manga. It all gets really wierd when the ****s turn up.
Yeah. The manga is still in production. We are up to volume 7 at the mo, IIRC. Volume 6 has been released statesite.
The chips as mentioned where not devices to make vampires, but devices to track them. The bulk of the force in the invasion were ghouls.
Vampires gain fantastic power each time they drink the blood to death of a person, but the more human they are (like in the White Wolf Vampire world) the weaker they are and they have an upper limit on thier power. Alucard being pretty close to the original Vampire (I'd imagine) and having drunk crap loads of people to death is virtualy immortal with his powers unlocked. Celes, being sired by Alucard is also pretty close to the source, meaning that once she does drink someone to death, she really kicks ass.
Yes, when she drinks his blood: she becomes ninja powerful.
I just thought it was class:
Vampire members of the Waffen-SS left 'alive': 527 soldiers
Army of hte Roman Catholic chuch. Left alive: 2875 men
Hellsing institute. Left alive: 3 'men'
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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