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New Hellsing series announced (Amoung other Geneon projects)

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Geneon announced at the MIP TV trade show in France that they are involved in the production of a number of upcoming anime series. Including a new Hellsing OVA

The Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series will more closely following the original supernatural action manga. Gonzo parent company GDH listed as the Asian and European rights holder.

Ergo Proxy will be a new 23 episode TV series from manglobe directed by by Shukou Murase (Gasaraki, Gundam Wing) and written by Dai Sato (Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain).

Geneon has also acquired the rights for Erementar Gerad,

In related news a crossover series featuring Hellsing characters was talked about, but still nothing concrete. (Further details of characters or medium are unknown)

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I've read the manga from volume 1 to 7, and I must say that past the part where Anderson and Alucard meet near the train, it differs completly... as for the chips, there
are some but they're just kinds of spywares
She already kicks ass, especially when she takes a revenge for her "boyfriend" in volume 7 :)
Yeah but nah, ninjas try to be stealthy... with all the blood and flesh she puts on the walls I doubt it's hard to spot her ^^
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