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New guy/GSDX9 0.8

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Hey yall how ya doin? Im tryin to check out a bleach jap game I got. I aint expectin much so dont flame me lol. Im checkin out the directx9 graphics Im pretty sure my 5700LE can support it. But for some reason the game is stayin black. I dont think its loadin slow cause on the normal graphics plugin I can get the game but super slow. Any suggestions for this emu nub? btw my comp enables me to be a good betatester if yall are interested. Merry X-Mas btw :)
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Not all games work on the emu, so if it doesnt work under interpreter or dynamic compiler modes, don't expect much. Welcome to the forums though, make sure you read the [rules]rules[/rules], as you've already broke one ( you're sig image is too big ).

its probably not even loading because it is not working, and i think it is against the rules to ask to be a betatester
lol woops >.< Ill drop the sig and technically I didnt ask :p but I was just curious maybe I got some setting off to get a black screen on the directx plugin.
lol I am determined to get to the menu of this bleach game lol. Runnin on the reg GSsoft graphics plugin I was able to. However I have SSE2 so Im tryin the direct x plugin. It loads the system intro and in the console it starts readin the cd, then says its readin the dvd. It continues to display the msgs but the screen stays black; however I think it deals with the graphics cause I had sound and when I pressed the start or "X" or "O" Id get a sound so I figured it was runnin. Any1 know an issue that would turn the game black after the ps2 load on that direct x plugin? btw I have version .8 of the directx plugin. take care.
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