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new grphics card

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new graphics card and monitor

i really need a new graphics card sence im still running a nvidi gefore 7600 gs with 512 mbs of ram. ide say my needs would probably be to be future proof for the next few years and my budget would have to be upwards of $150-$200 and i dont care if its an ati or a nvidia grapgics card as of right now. its going to take me a few months to get the money i need but ill get it one way or another by say december. and im looking at a new monitor to go with this setup as well so pleas try and keep the combos around and under $500usd total please cuase thats how much i was planning on spending on a new 26' lcd tv
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im willing to skimp on the size of the monitor if thats ok with you ide say anothing larger then 22 inches should do just fine for me
DS like i said im willing to decrease my screen size to increase the power oif the graphics card
ok ill see if that combo is still viale and if there aint a better combo once i ahve the money in a few months
i figured sence we are ont eh verge of windows 7 and dx11 i could wait a bit for the card thats no biggy.
psu is currently a 450w let me look for the specs ont he side of it and ill let you know everything else. to do that i need to eaither tun my computer off so i can get to the info. as for the size ill probably end up sitting on my bed which is a couple of feet away to play games and watch shows and movies so thats no problem
its a nzxt pf400 that i currently have meaning its a 400w not a 450w like i thought
ive got a socket (939) amd atholon 64x2 3800+ with 1.75 gigs of ddr400 ram. heres what i was thinking if i really wanted to get a new system thats going to take a year mabe a year and a half to get the money for a decent one. but i could get the monitor now and save myself having to buy one then. and i could delegate this old thing to linux duty
thats what i was thinking i would just spluge ont he monitor now and just delgate this to linux once ive got the money for the new system. ill just use one of my crts for this system when that time comes. ive got like 3 different crts to use. im just using the largest one now. plus i wouldnt say the new monitor would be the otherthing to carry over. i would carry over my speakers as well as mabe my x-fi extremegamer sound card as well sence this sytem has decent onboard audio and thats about all i would need for linux. and im glad it has an nvidia card and ati doesnt work all to well on linux as ive herd.the current grapgics card is an add on card lol.
correct lord z i didnt say it had to be a 26 inch just that i was going to put the money down on a 26 inch tv
its been a week. if the graphics card did decide to die in this computer what would you reccomend i replace it with?
ive already stated i would wait to get one once i get the money around for a new system. i was just wondering what would people reccomend i put in this one in case the grphics card decides to go out on me.
its a socket 939 sli motherboard so i do have one pcie x16 and 2 pciex8s and i was asking for one that would stay in this system becuase ill be putting linux on it and running that. oncwe i get the money for a new system and i was oping not to spend to much for a new card incase the 7600gs goes out. ive had some issues but nothing major yet. im just asking as a precussionary measure incase something does happen
im not spending the money to replace the psu for a new card. if i could get a an old decent card that would run linux and comux-fuzion just fine ill be good. not going to do much except mess around with linux and mabe watch movies and shows if my new computer is busy doing something
PSU is a nzxt pf400
ok thanks for the heads up guys.
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