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new grphics card

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new graphics card and monitor

i really need a new graphics card sence im still running a nvidi gefore 7600 gs with 512 mbs of ram. ide say my needs would probably be to be future proof for the next few years and my budget would have to be upwards of $150-$200 and i dont care if its an ati or a nvidia grapgics card as of right now. its going to take me a few months to get the money i need but ill get it one way or another by say december. and im looking at a new monitor to go with this setup as well so pleas try and keep the combos around and under $500usd total please cuase thats how much i was planning on spending on a new 26' lcd tv
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Alternatively you could go wait for more detailed feedback on the new ATI HD5xxx series (people should have analyzed each and every little aspect of it and post it on the net within a few months or so) and get one of those.
Before just placing the order for a 26" monitor on Newegg, you might wanna see it for yourself. Many people find even 24" to be bigger then what their field of vision can easily handle, so you may wanna do some research. If you end up backing away from the monitor just to be able to see it whole, then it means you wasted your money.

Also, I noticed that you currently have a 7600GS. What power supply do you have? A high-end card lik a GTX275 will need at least a good 550W PSU with PCIe power connectors to run fine.
There's no way a cheap 400W PSU can run a GTX275 or GTX260. You're gonna have to upgrade that too, to be on the safe side, you should get a 620W Corsair to easily handle that.

BTW, which CPU do you have and how much RAM do you have on your system? If they're old as well then they're gonna bottle-neck your card.

Edit: On second thought, a 550W Corsair should be just fine too.
Ati hd4650.
I was suggesting a temporary solution until he gets a brand new system. I think that's what he's asking for in his last post. The HD4650 also has an AGP variant so if his mobo doesn't support PCIe then it's a pretty decent and cost-effective solution.
Dunno about other places, but the best AGP Nvidia card available here is an Inno3D FX5500 :p
its a socket 939 sli motherboard so i do have one pcie x16 and 2 pciex8s and i was asking for one that would stay in this system becuase ill be putting linux on it and running that. oncwe i get the money for a new system and i was oping not to spend to much for a new card incase the 7600gs goes out. ive had some issues but nothing major yet. im just asking as a precussionary measure incase something does happen
Sorry lol. Anyway, if all you have in store for it in Linux on it and don't want to run heavy games on it in the mean-time (and also want to spend less so you can spend more on the complete new build) then just get the cheapest card you can find i.e. ATI HD4350 or Nvidia 9400GT. They're actually not too bad, on minimum settings on medium resolutions, Crysis is fully playable on both :p

Or if you want something even cheaper then just pull something off ebay.
GeForce 9400GT
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