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new graphics card pci x0???

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Ok so i get a new geforce 6600 GT AGP which is basically the pci-e version with a special chip to make pci-e ...agp. but when i got to my driver settings in the nvidia display panel and it says the specs of my cards like version type etc. under bus it says pci x0 when i know for a fact its supposed to say agp 8x. so i unistalled all drivers, then reinstalled then updated chipsets and bios and even motherboard bios and still nothing! anyone know if this is a major problem or normal?
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Try checking this setting in the control panel.
ya mine gives me some really funky stuff. id post a screen but currently that comp is not longer booting... at all, i am thinking the mobo may not be so up to snuff.

btw i believe that when it was booting it was in pci mode and the other stuff was greyed out.
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