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New Gens Out!

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Can't beleive I missed this, 2 days old!!

Nothing major in the way of changes, but still, seems the project is picking up some pace again, which as far as I am concerned is a damn good thing! :D :evil: :D
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Good to hear. With the length of time since the last release I thought the project was all but dead.
Wow, amazing news. Gens still is my favorite Sega Genesis emulator.

I hope they do go on with the project.

Thanks for the news, CKemu ;)
a new release is always a welcome for me if its coming from GENS... I miss playing my sega games... sigh... well, work really destroy your playing time :D
Gens.... *salutes in the name of his Fallen friend Light10084*
CKemu said:
Can't beleive I missed this, 2 days old!!
That's because Stef stated it isn't an official release..

Bu yeah, progress is good. :D Stef and the Author of Gens+ have teamed up, and beta testing for a new version is already under way.

It's quite comforting to know that now both Kega Fusion and Gens are in full development.. :)
I lov Gens. Good to see it being worked on again. I thought it was dead as well.. Shows how much I know.:p
I remember using was DOS based, if I remember correctly. Then, I found GENS....never looked back since. :D I am happy to see that they are progressing.

r2rX :D
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