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New GBA Emulator - sGBA

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the first WIP has been released :
March 3, 2005 - sGBA WIP Build 1 - Stephen Stair 2005

Ok, I've finally decided to release something for a change.
As development has been slowed on this project considerably,
I'm releasing a Work In Progress build, so people who want
to can play with it. This version requires a gba bios file
for full functionality, the bios should be named 'gba.rom'
and put in the same directory as the emulator.
Bugs that I know about already include items listed on the
compatibility pages as not being done, and:

* Sprites don't flip yet, rotation/scaling sprites not
* There is a bug that causes pc to move to an odd-numbered
location (probably when returning to thumb mode) - the
cause of this is presently unknown, and prevents several
commercial games from running
* A few instructions are still unimplemented, specificly the
memory SWP instructions in the arm core. (used in
practically nothing though)
* The memory loading/storing doesn't mimic the gba for
unaligned writes.
* There are probably other small problems, but I don't
remember/feel like listing them.

If you have questions or comments, or would like to report
a bug, please email [email protected].

i don't know if it's new, but it was released recently, this wasn't on the GBA Emulator list too.

website :
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