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NEW FFDshow secretly released???

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apparently dated 1-13-2005

but then its jsut the normal version this time (or mebe for now). the sse and sse2 versions are not availabe as of posting this bit of news (i think im an ffdshow nut or smthn cuz this is the second time ive posted news before neone on the net prolly)
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heh. ill download this just for the hell of it.
those are nothing they get released all the time :p
why bother posting news about it for every release :p
probably just an unofficial source code release. hence the no SSE and SSE2 binaries ;)
If the release was such a secret then no encoder would use them. :eyemove:
There are cvs builds compiled on weekly basis, I could provide a link if you want to.

wut are cvs builds and where is the link :D

DISCLAIMER : CVS builds are not supported, nor offficial. Use them at your own risk.

cool :) thx. then again, werent all of the ffdshow alphas beta and thus unsupported/unofficial neway...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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