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I must apologize, emulatordude86, that we couldn't make any more use of the ****ty amd instruction sets than we already do.
As you pointed out, we don't have a clue how this optimizing thing works.

We can't even emulate the ps2 on a 6 year old cpu design at fullspeed...

Btw, you need to read up on multithread programming. The emulator not using 100% of your cpu is NOT a bug.

With PCSX2 on a CPU with 2 cores from what I understand is the emulator itself uses the first core and that first core will always try to run as fast as possible. The second core is used by Gsdx and the CPU usage on that core can vary depending on the game and graphics card.

With CPU's depending on the architecture a lot of times what speed they are clocked at is not as important as some other things, such as bus speed.
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