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New computer, can it handle PCSX2?

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I recently ordered a new computer and I am looking to play a few games on PCSX2:

Kingdom hearts 1
Kingdom hearts 2
Final fantasy X
God of war
God of war 2
Marvel vs capcom 2
Shadow of the colossus
Prince of persia 1 2 3

Is my computer good enough? Here are the specs:
-Intel Q9550 Quad core 2.83 ghz processor
-4GB Kingston HyperX memory
-NVIDIA GTX 275 896mb video card
-Windows XP or vista <- im not sure yet, i may go for windows 7 though.

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The processor isn't good for pcsx2 as it only uses 2 cores. Read the faq and stickies. Other than that, you should be able to run most games at decent speed i would say, but not all would be 60fps.
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