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1. You don't need to have a cd rewriter or recordable to make isos.. just goto and download a free demo to make an iso.. It should make isos if you have a cd rom drive that can read psx games properly..

2. I suggest trying petes pluggins because of your video card.. I recommend petes d3d pluggin and set it at the fast setting first.. Then up the graphics effects from there until you get to a reasonably good balance between image quality and speed.. You should also try petes ogl pluggin too..

3. Read the readme's that come with epsxe.. In it you should find some info on the configuration of epsxe.. you can also read the faqs at for more help..

4. Use the internal spu first.. Then if you run into problems with some games, try different ones.. It all depends on your system so one spu will not work good on all systems..

5. Getting epsxe executor will make your life a lot easier configuring and running epsxe..

6. If you run into problems come back here..
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