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Never had a movie freeze on me, but...

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I had some slight graphical issues with the game, nothing serious though...but here's what I've had happen.

This is just for anyone who's curious, I still say ePSXe did a fine job emulating FFIX, as I played through it with NO crashing, using Pete's D3D GPU and Null2's SPU.

-MDEC sound skips now and then, until buffer was raised sound would actually not play in sync with the video

-Having more than one gamepad plugged in caused slowdown issues with FFIX

-Casting Grand Leathal (Zidane's ultimate Trance attack) caused the game to slow down (1.3 ghz with a 64mb videocard, OUCH.)

-Turning frame limit off to speed up the game often resulted in MDEC audio not working afterwards (Hey, I like to level up fast)

-The spell Freeze would cause a graphical glitch, an ice texture would overlap the lower right corner of the screen, and cause slowdown.

-MDECs that had Polygonal objects in them (non CG rendered characters) were buggy, occassionally they would overlap something that is supposed to partially block them out (ending did this for me) and in one MDEC, Zidane's hair kept bending and going over his face!

-Having the battle transition effects on (Don't remember name) slowed ePSXe to a crawl.

-Odd black lines occassionally popped up near my chocobo's wings while in flight, not sure why.

-Occassional missing polygons when objects display from a certain angle or polygon count is very high (happens all the time, this probably isn't ePSXe or the plugin's fault really, no renderer is perfect.)

-Demi would cause slight slowdown

-Occasionally a large static like block would appear in MDECs, usually ones that used polygons as well as CG rendering.

Anyone else have this happen? Just curious, anyway, I'm probably going to play through FFIX a few more times...I still have treasures to collect and cards to find. And that stupid Card Empress took my best Chocobo card! Waaah =~(

Anyway, it's early (past 1AM here), I'm tired, and I still need to post something about Chrono Cross! Later.
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