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netbooks full speed and over on nulldc

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hi everybody i joined this forum roughly a week ago when i was looking for some info on running nulldc on a net book, well im happy to report that nulldc will play on net books marvel vs capcom 2 and cvs2 both work well
involves a little tweaking and over clocking but its a really nice ride nulldc opens at like 200+ percent slows to 80% sometimes ive still to try it on 2 gig of ram i would really like to hear from any other netbook freaks:cool:
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i made this video a year ago:

YouTube - EEE 901 - Dreamcast (Soul Calibur) (ATOM / 945GME)

maybe u're the one who commented on it on youtube and said u got good speed ;)

please make a step-by-step newbie guide how u achieved almost full speed :)
it can probably help many people

ps. what netbook do u have (cpu/gpu)?
:evil:well overclocking my atom 1.6 to just under 1.8 played well
on my samsung nc10 2g of ram oO
plugins??? use no sound
controls used joystick plugin
set your stick with anologue tab:D
i turned off the overclock
nullpvr direct hall 3d
image reader
no sound
teak your full screeen to fit yourself
runs great on old reconditioned laptops too:rolleyes:
i guess mvc2 was good but im yet to learn the basics of overclocking i heard it can cook your components:heh:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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