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First off, I couldn't decide if this'd fit better here or in software. It kind of applies to software, yet it's main intent is about internet radio. If the staff thinks it fits better in software, feel free to move it.

This is about listening to [email protected]/[email protected]/spinner without the banner ads, and (I believe) without the new time limitations. To do this, you simply need winamp and the spinamp plugin (only needed to get the station URLs. Once you get the ones you want, you never need spinamp again). Choose a station, then while it's playing, right click the song and choose "file info". You will see something like "uvox://" The uvox:// part is the base URL, and the 4 digit number following it is the station number. The authcode part is not needed. Once you have the station number you want to listen to, close out spinamp, go to winamp and add url, then put uvox:// (or whatever station number) as the url. You can now listen ad free and probably time limit free (I believe the authcode part of the URL is what lets [email protected] track you and limit how long you listen), just like you were listening to shoutcast or live365 or whatever.
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