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After checking dcemulation's message board about NesterDC SE I decided it might be a good idea to give a nice summary on the plans for the project, and it's current status :)

NesterDC SE WIP Features List
The link above leads to a list of the features Scherzo wants to add to his version of NesterDC. I've also looked through some threads with interesting info which I will copy and paste.

About stereo sound:
scherzo said:
Well, I did it. And, wow, NES in stereo really kicks ass. I did a two channel approach but the hardware still does the panning. The only two NES channels most people care about separating are the two rectangles since they nearly always carry the theme with harmony. So I put one rectangle on one DC sound channel and the other rectangle on the other DC sound channel. The others NES channels get put into both. Then I tell the hardware to pan one channel halfway left and the other halfway right. Tada! Instant kick ass stereo. And speed is not visibly affected.
Some more interesting info:
scherzo said:
Support for Z and C buttons:
This is not done yet. Even though I don't have a controller with these extra buttons, I can code it in and let someone else test it.

Analog stick:
Done and togglable.

Rapid Fire On/Off:
This is done. I even took it a step further too. You can configure rapid fire for A and B seperately AND set the speed to you choice of SLOW, MEDIUM, FAST, or INSANE.

Exit ROM with (whatever buttons):
Right now, you exit the game by pressing analog left and start (or the D-Pad left if you're using the analog for playing the game). I'll eventually make it so that you can make it any key combination that you want.

Accessing different menus with different button combinations:
I'm not doing this. There is one in-game menu where you can access the rest of the stuff you'll need. It's cleaner this way.

Kreed 2xSaI or anything like it:
I almost thought about doing this. Just for kicks. But, after facing reality, I'm just not going to do it. It'll just be slow and sucky. First of all, there's the processing that 2xSaI does from a 256x240 image to twice that, 512x480. That's bad enough. But then that quadruples the amount of data that needs to be sent to video memory every frame. It's just not going to happen.

Full screen stretch:
So basic. So done.

MIDI Support:
Maybe. Right now, it'll do MP3, OGG, or various kinds of MOD files. Also, if you play an NSF through the NSF Player, it will continue to play if you go through other menus and such.

As for another feature I'm going to put in... we all know that you'll be able to view manuals, maps, etc. for games that have them. Well, it just realized to me that it would be really cool to view, say, a map on one half of the screen and have the game going on the other half. That way you don't have to keep going back and forth.
Scherzo is still open to suggestions, all you have to do is post them in this thread at and he might look into it, and at least say if it's possible or not.


Someone going by the name of Clessy has leaked a WIP version of NesterDC SE, this is what he said about it.
Clessy said:
About game: This is private beta build.

Released by Clessy

The reason for this release is due to both Quzar and Scherzo
Screwing me over. Enjoy the release. Its not nearly finshed at
all and knowing Scherzo it wont ever be. The NSF player doesn't
show titles and the has a freezing issue. Don't use this unless
you plan on only playing music. At this time you can't add anymore
music tracks yourself unless they are XM files instead of NSF.
There is gamegenie support though i've never tested it. The file
browser is kinda cluttered and not setup right at the moment.

Anyone wanting to make improvements to the interface can easly do so.
It's simple java script.
Scherzo's comments:
Scherzo said:
I'm aware of it and I don't approve of this leaked version. I don't know what posessed me to let Clessy see my progress at the time. Maybe it was the fact that he is a really stubborn person. He's one of those people that complains about coders. He would tell me what I should be working on. He would want me to work on projects that only he found interesting. He even offered to pay to program something. The amount wasn't enough AND it's not about the money to me.

I'm tempted to ask you to edit your post, sonic, but it doesn't matter. If people want to get an incredibly unfinished project, what do I care? So much has been done since that leaked version that it isn't a good indicator of what the current version on my hard drive is like. Not even close. So it won't affect the actual release any.
Cid H.
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