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Scherzo said:
Well, rather than hear more people screaming bloody murder about how Nester is GPL, blah blah blah. Yes, I respect it. I have just been busy and burnt out. But it is my duty to make the source public. So there it is at the NesterDC SE website.
Quoted from his website:

Source Code - This includes the source for the emulator itself, the Dreamscript JS scripting library, and the CD Builder. The CD Builder requires you to have the WxWidgets cross-platform GUI library. It was also designed using VisualWx as the IDE.

KOS Source Code - I had to make a couple tweaks to KOS here and there throughout development. I will eventually spell out what they are, assuming I can remember them all. Basically, trying to compile NesterDC SE with any other version of KOS other than this one will most likely either produce compile errors or might cause the emulator to crash at certain points.
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