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NesterDC SE screenshots

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Scherzo, the man behind the SNES emu called Super Famicast for the Dreamcast, has been working on a new project: NesterDC SE.

NesterDC is the best NES emu for the DC to date, the latest version is v7.1 IIRC and Scherzo decided to give it a huge update.

As you can see on the screenshots this version will be rich of features, if you have something that you think will be nice in this version you can go here.

There's even a slim chance of it supporting 2xSai, even though Scherzo said the DC doesn't have enough clocks to do it, he's going to try it for kicks. :D

A post of Scherzo from the DCemulation forums:
Yeah, don't lose hope. I'm still working on it. I just have so little time to do so. I've got a new job that works me hard; 45 hours a week and 2 and a half hours of driving each day. Not to mention 6:45a meetings on Monday. When I come home I have parental duties. Late at night, when I have a couple hours free, I'm exhausted. All week I look forward to the weekend so that I can work on my personal projects. Then the weekend comes and people suck my free time away.

Nevertheless, I'm truly geeked about this project. I think it's going to be the most feature rich NES emu ever. Also, one of the most compatible. I envision it more like a NES museum than just an emu... NSF player, instruction manual viewer (images and text), Game Genie code database (no need to enter them, just choose), completely configurable controls.

You're not the only one that get disappointed. I do too. And much more than you. Not only do I want to see NesterDC SE be released, but I love being creative. And, right now, life is kind of hindering my need to create MY things. Yeah, I program everyday at my job, but I make crap I don't care about. I love the NES. I love coding for the Dreamcast. It's just plain fun.

And NesterDC SE isn't my only project of course. I have other things that are on hold or are ideas in my head that I can't wait to start.

For instance, I follow the portabilization scene pretty closely. I currently have a handheld NES in the works. It's wired up. I just need to design and build a case. It should be cool.

And after NesterDC SE is all said and done, I want to lay off of the porting of other people's work and make my own homebrew and emus from scratch. First, I want to make something using DreamScript, and then make an official release of that. Then I'd like to make a full blown game or emu from scratch.

So that's the story.
I can't wait :D

Topic about NesterDC SE being delayed + other info here
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very cool; I've been enjoying the regular nesterdc releases a lot already, but this makes it even better :)
Yeah it's great to see such a dedicated programmer as well :)

There is still one game I'd love to see working without glitches: Flight of the Intruder, IMHO the best NES flight sim. I also like the idea of his complete list of Game Genie codes, pre-entered! All you have to do is select which one you want :D
Yeah saw these posted on back on March 23rd .. they are very nice. :)
Yes I've seen them before as well, I thought it might be nice to post them over here. Ngemu used to support the emulators for the DC as well, I hope these emu's will get a place on the main page as well, since the homebrew scene is still alive and kickin'.
/me kicks this thread up with some news:

[email protected]'s forums said:
Like I said, I'm getting a whole bunch of free time next month. It'll be plenty to get NesterDC SE finished and maybe some other stuff too...
If we're lucky we can see it released within 2 months :D
awesome :)

I got a proper SCART cable for my DC now too (lik-sang fan here) , so it all looks even better now as well.

OT: One can order Trizeal there, a new DC shooter... should I go for it? :p
I don't know, I don't have it. Perhaps Kaiser has?

You could check some online reviews and the official site though. For as far as I can see it isn't worth €60,- IMHO. I'm staying with my latest addition: Baldr Force Exe :D

ps. If scherzo says he might have time for other project this might mean he's going to pick up SuperFamicast, that would be great.
I wish my dreamcast was still working. The screenshots look great. Too bad ps2 scene for homebrews can't be so great like the Dreamcast scene.
Why not get a new Dreamcast? You can find new DC's for prices lower than the average new PS2 game :)
Yeah i should. But isnt there some issues with the last dreamcasts that cant play homebrews?
According to this article:
All should work.

A friend of mine did have some problems with certain backups, while homebrew games and emulators seem to work perfect, bleemcast as well :)
INCA said:
Yeah i should. But isnt there some issues with the last dreamcasts that cant play homebrews?
AFAIK not. Mine is a pretty late model if I'm not mistaken, and it has no problems....
INCA said:
I wish my dreamcast was still working. The screenshots look great. Too bad ps2 scene for homebrews can't be so great like the Dreamcast scene.
yeah... tell me about it... and just look at last update of SNES station...
How is that one going anyway? Has it surpassed Dreamsnes already?
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