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The big day has arrived, NesterDC SE by Scherzo has been released today!

I will download it asap and give some more info about it once I've given it a try :D

Release info:

Many questioned me when I decided to work on an emulator many considered more than adequate. I had two main purposes for the creation of this newest incarnation of NesterDC.

First, improve compatibility and speed. The release of NesterDC 7.1 brought seemingly fullspeed emuation, but somehow compatibility dropped a couple of notches. Many games no longer worked that were fine in version 6.

Second, I wanted to see an emulator that had many useful extras such as screen shots, NSF music, cartridge scans, a favorites list, and more.

In the end, I have accomplished my goals. The result is an emulator that is, at the core, functionally an improvement over its predecessors but has a uniqueness that can easily be appreciated.


* Fullspeed emulation on 99.9% of games
* The most compatible Nester based emulator on any platform including PC
* Various game related images by which you can use to browse the ROM libary
* Configurable stereo separation of each NES sound channel
* An NSF player
* Insanely configurable controllers
* Full screen sretched and pixel-for-pixel video modes
* Built in Game Genie codes for many games
* Full color instruction manuals for many games
* User definable "favorites" lists
* Zipped ROMs
* Multiple save state slots (with the first slot being backwards compatible)
* VS games correctly work
* Ability to enter your own personal notes about a game and save these notes on your VMU

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I'm reading through some topics about this emulator and here's some useful information.

If you've got Alcohol on your computer, stick with the Discjuggler images, it seems to work better than the Nero images. I've read about Nero 6 possibly not being supported because of the lack of DAO, and using TAO instead. So my suggestion: Just get Alcohol 120% ( ) and don't bother with Nero, unless you still use Nero v5.x.x.x because Nero 6 is a pain with DC emulation in general.

Some users said something about a 'can not process window' message. Scherzo is aware of it and you are free to contact him through IM (check his homepage for contact info. Some who got the message burnt the image and it didn't work, while an other member was able to play even though he got the same message. Scherzo admitted it still isn't perfect, but so far judging from feedback it seems to be awesome, maybe there will be more features added in the future, but Scherzo just wanted it to be released NOW anyway :D

Windows 98se is not officially supported, but Scherzo didn't make an official statement of it not being supported, so you just have to try for yourself, or wait till someone else has found the answer.

Quotes about ports to other platforms:
Scherzo said:
I am definitely thinking about ports to different systems. First would be PC. XBOX and PSP are maybes.
Oh, I think the PS2 could do it. I just never got into PS2 deving much. Too painful. Besides, I don't have a modchip for my PS2. PSP and XBOX would be a lot easier. Even though PSP in just in its first year, there way more homebrew for that than PS2. I'd feel more comfortable.
That's all for now :)

Edit: I found something about the error during the image creation process

Scherzo said:
Damn, yeah, this is the error that a couple testers got. It's because bin2boot is a 16-bit DOS app, and in some Windows XP version it just doesn't wanna work. Unfortunately, there's really no alternative to bin2boot and no source for it. The problem could easily be solved if I could just recompile the damn thing as a Win32 console app. The the author never released the source. I'll keep brainstorming to come up with a solution.

One thing you might wanna try...
At the end of the build process, the true contents of the CD are in the "datatemp" folder. You could try running your favorite selfboot method on that directory.
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