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So here is finally the new version with the following changes :

- Modified CD detection/swap routines, should work better now. (Press (X) a second time if cd not detected the first time)
- Added a workaround for the ps2ip bug (repeated small reads) that should fix loading with all version.
- Corrected ipl.txt parsing routines. fix Double Dragon hang up during loading, and probably others.
- Corrected a bug introduced in last version and preventing from loading a game located in "cd" folder when booting from CD.
- Added the Samurai Spirit RPG patch.
- Implemented use of "GfxPipe" for gfx rendering. Almost all games I've tested are fullspeed without sfx, and still with the old 68k core (who said the ps2 wasn't able to handle it?)
- Fixed "blinking sprite" gfx bug, no more missing vertical sprites in horizontal scrolling games.
- Added NGCD memory card saves, Neocd will create a 45k file on your memory card if available (memory card in slot 1 only)
- Corrected support for PSX pads (7not6)
- In-Game Menu (region selector, sound activation, etc.. see below)
- added some gfx filter effect and a fullscreen option (to remove black border in PAL video mode), see menu description.
- Correct cpu count cycles (68k core was running at 10Mhz in PAL) will be a bit slower but timing will be more accurate
- Lowered Z80 frequency to 4Mhz (was "overclocked" to 6Mhz)
- Changed the z80 to a more portable one (fixed sfx in lots of games)
- Preliminary sound support (buggy and to be optimized) use ingame menu to enable/disable it, and consider it just as a preview, since the code is still wip and still need to be work on. (thx to lkz with help on fixing THE "freezing" bug with sound)
- "All-In-One" packed elf with embedded IRX and neocd files (<300kb), only bios still need to be present (for legal reason) in the root directory, see usage for new instructions.
- Included installation script for the Crystal Chip Boot Manager

Sound is present but as a preview, so no complains about it since it's still a work in progress, if you get tired with it disable it from the menu. And for those who will wonder, version naming is now x.x else I will never reach a "1.0" version !

Next version (0.5) should include the stef's 68K core (still not used) and finished sound support.

Please see the readme for neocd usage, since a lots of things changed.
Enjoy ! and as always please give your feedback in the forum :)
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