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Well, here I am again, trying to catch up on the news ... no excuse this time, I think my reason this time (my mother has been operated in hospital yesterday) don't require one. Neither will I find much time during the following days to post news, and I therefor really hoped the rest of the crew could replace me here ... doesn't seem to work out so far.

Anyway, that's not why you came here I guess, so let's take a look at the news: Though the official <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Nemu homepage</a> hasn't been updated for months, a status update posted by Lemmy now appeared on the message board to update people on the current progress. But see for yourself :<ul>Especially during the last few days I was able to fix some bugs in my graphics and am now really happy with it in some games, like Zelda Ocarina of Time which looks near perfect. And as far as I can tell the speed of my gfx code is very fast. I compared it to hwnd's old video gfx, and I'd estimate it doubled - depending on the game. (keep in mind this is only video speed, not overall emu speed). I was able to fix a few bugs in MoM which looks a lot nicer now, however - the texture loading is not perfect yet which makes some walls black - nothing that can't be figured out with some time spent on it. LaC got some cool stuff working in his audio dll - stuff, that was unemulated before. (...)

So when will the next release be? Only god knows. We need a lot of time to sort some stuff out and time is unfortunately the only thing we don't have. So I suggest you play with 0.7a or use another emulator until we make the next release. Please stop asking me all the time when the next release will be. Remember this is not competition - our goal is not to beat some other emulator. We just want to make a great emulator which emulates the console at a high quality level and can be enjoyed by people. High compatibility with near perfect gfx and new ideas are our main goals. And we want to have a unique emulator. One that is only done by LaC and me and does not look like any other emulator. I hope you can understand this. If not at least respect it.</ul>Sounds really interresting ! You can check out the whole and long status update from Lemmy in <a href="" TARGET="_blanK">this thread</a>.

Over at the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</a>, a poll has also been posted, asking you which graphic card you're currently using - I guess to find out which graphic cards the plugin should mostly be developed for. Cast your vote over at their <a href="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</a> !
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