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If you already have a usb pen drive, just buy a codebreaker, they are only 20 bucks, and then you also have a cheat device. Plus codebreaker allows you to download new codes, put them on the usb drive, and then load them into the ps2.

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Bgnome said:
looks like it requires a bootdisc, much like the memmanager software they had before for the zip drives..
i would guess that once you had the bootdisc, you could use pretty much any usb pendrive..
Indeed Bgnome :thumb:
We purchased the Max Drive last year. The mini boot disk really does not care if you are using the 8MB thumb drive it comes with. We currently use our 128MB PNY Attache thumb drive with our PS2

and we use the lil 8MB Thumb Drive that it came with for occasional PC apps
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