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Hello to everyone.I'm new to emulation and I wonder if you could help me with something.I got the dragon ball z budokai 3 iso and I don't even know what emulator to download.And I was wondering if you could help and tell me what plugins,bios and other stuff I should download to make the game work.Thank and keep the good work. rulez

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You have to download the emulator found at homepage. Download all the plugins found at the download page , then come into the forums and read the guides that are stickied. The BIOS is a matter of yours since it is illegal to download it or host it.I have to warn you though to not expect for miracles...

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You would want PCSX2 for PS2 Emulation as it being the only slightly working emulator for PS2 Emulation.

Here's a link to the download.

This is for normal version:

The link below will let you download PCSX2 0.8.1 SSE Version.

The plugins ought to be present with the download. So all you have to do is extract them.

You must be able to extract them from WinRAR. Otherwise I suggest that you download the free version of 7z. Here's a link:

From your post we can deduce that you do not have a PS2. This means that you will download the BIOS too. This is entirely illegal. Also take a note that the BIOS with ID: SCPH10000.BIN or the Japanese version of the BIOS doesn't work with the PCSX2 anymore.

The BIOS extraction guides can be found below

When you use PCSX2 for the first time you will need to configure it. Here's the guide to Configure it::

PCSX2 Configuration Guide v1.2

If you cannot access the BIOS or play the game you have mentioned, remember these rules:

-We DO NOT KNOW what the minimium specs are yet, don't waste your time asking, or speculating.
-If your game does NOT work, don't complain, or ask why. 90% of games do not work fully.
-DO NOT complain if a game runs slowly, PS2 emulation requires huge amounts of CPU power. Most likely your machine is to weak, or you haven't configured PCSX2 correctly

For more guides here you go:

Taken courtsey from a thread by Generalplot

Rudy's self maintained compatibility guide for 0.9

Reichfuher's guide to dumping your Playstation 2 BIOS

CKemu's guide to using the PS2 BIOS

Guide to making patches for PCSX2

GameFAQ saves to PCSX2 memory card guide

Refraction's guide to common problems and errors.

There a lot of other guides and help to further problems. You may want to thorougly use the SEARCH Function.
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