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I used to be on a vista-ubuntu dual boot, where both OS's were on different hard drives. But I want my other hard drive back so I've been trying to get rid of ubuntu. I've already restored the windows MFT, so now grub doesn't handle the booting.

Basically, i've got a 500gb hard drive sitting dead in the water with ubuntu on it...and no way to access it from within windows -_-

I've tried reformatting the ext3 drive through the ubuntu installation procedure, but I couldn't figure it out; it seemed like I had to actually go through with the installation in order to reformat, thus creating another ext3 architecture...

Is there some easy way to reformat the ext3 drive from within windows? Or is there some step during the ubuntu installation that i'm missing?

long post, and probably belongs in the ubuntu forums, but i trust you guys :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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