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If you are interested, plz post the following phrases by your voice here. Don't worry if your english is different in accent.

1) "It's not impossible to give up." (I want some arrogance here.)

2) "Mmmm..... Sounds ok."

3) "Are you kidding? No way I'm gonna do it." ("gonna" can be "going" depending on your accent.)

4) "Ohhh Yeaaaah" (Joyfull or victorius)

*** If you think you have a nice voice, I might need you to sing. But plz post a small song by you just to test your voice, not greater than 15 seconds though. One sentence is ok, and no music, just your voice.

**** It's for a small low animated movie project I'm working on. Though I won't be telling about more details unless you are chosen to make a role.

**** Plz don't act cool or heroic. Just be yourself.

Thank's in advance.
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