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Need info about I-feel mouse by Logitech

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I am interesting in this mouse............
Is it support old game like UT HL(include MOD)???
How much force feed back when compare 2 Dual Shock(PSX)
Someone please info about it..................
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Hi Enigma1982,
I have one of these, but I have not actually played any games yet with it. You can read a review here (it mentions UT):,4161,2709547,00.html

Overall, I think the mouse has a nice feel to it, the force feedback is not really force feedback, it rumbles much like your dual-shock controller, the previous version to this mouse did actually have proper force feedback but that meant the mouse was physically attached to a mouse pad, which is why I think it didn't do too well. You get some software which will give your windows applications 'textures', eg when you move your mouse over the screen you can feel where the edges of buttons and controls are. For example, you could probably do Start, Shutdown... without even looking, just feel your way to the right buttons. Also, it is optical and USB, it's a pity it didn't have a longer lead (but this could be cured by getting a USB hub I suppose).

ANyway, hope this helps. :)
I don't know about UT but Black and White supports it... in fact you can't do some of the side quests without it :(
Just wanted to say that it's quite a LOT more than your dual-shock. It's got a lot of different types of vibration that are in practice quite distinguishable from one another.
Yep I see, you have: Crisp, Metalic, Rubbery, Spongy, Steel Drum and Sonic Vibe themes to choose from (with Immersion Desktop). I like Crisp best, Spongy feels a bit too wierd!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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