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ePSXe runs flawlessly ff8.
Stick w/ it.

He meant that u should get the petecdr plugin1.6:
It has a cool feature (Haven t tried it yet) which can patch a ppf on an iso during the gameplay (and only during the gameplay.)

and yes U need a patch in order to run ff8 pal.
If u want me to post it here, just tell me what is the version of ff8 u possess (french, german?)


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I also have problems to play FF8 on ePSXe ver.1.4.0
i have a 1ghz p 3 processor
an geforce 2 gts and 256 mb ram i´m using
pete´s open gl driver ver 1.5
Null2´s Audio ver 1.3
and pete´s cdr aspi 1,5

I have FF8 original pal german

First it worked just fine until i went on the map
now i can´t visit an location like timber
so i downloaded a patch applied it and burned it
now i cant press a button to skip the intro and i still cant visit any location

Please help me.:confused:
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