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Need Help!!!!!!!

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i cannot play final fantasy IX. I start epsxe 1.4 and go to load cdrom.than i wait wait and wait.I can see only a black window.Why?i can play GT2 and ISS pro evolution 2 very well but not FF IX!
I've the german version.i think the PAL version.My configurations are;
I've a p III with 600 and 64 ram and a geforce2 gts/geforce2 pro

Excuse me for my bad english.if you can speak german you can send me a e-mail!
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it s simple.
u need a patch to play it.
I ll provide it soon
You have to patch your game in order to run it under ePSXe,you'll need the paradox patch and CDRWIN to create an image of your disc in order to patch it.

CDRWIN's hompage:
here s the link.
u ll need cdr win too

grab it here:

the patch

If u don t know how to patch, just tell it.
I ll be glad to help ya.

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I don't know how to patch.Please tell it.
ok then,

The principal of patching is quite easy. Just make a CD-Image file using CDRWIN, then use the patch to modify this CD-Image, so it adds a trainer or it removes a protection. Then this CD-Image is written back to a CD-R and the result is a "Patched" game.
The older patches contains an executable (*.EXE) which modifies the CD-Image (so no extra tools are needed). Most of the current patches use the PPF Patch Engine (*.PPF) to apply the patch. This is a separate tool which must be extracted to the same path as the CD-Image and *.PFF file. Sometimes a APPLYPPF.EXE PC PPF Patcher is already included in the Patch Archive then nothing more is needed to apply the patch. For more detailed information on PPF download the latest PPF-O-Matic from PDX.

Patches with the P4U extension need the PAL4U Patcher to apply the patch to a CDRWIN CD-Image.

Patch Instructions:
First make a CD-Image using CDRWIN (using the RAW-Option):
In the CDRWIN - CDROM Recording Tools window click Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors to Image File.
Enter the Image Filename: <Filename.BIN>
- for example: C:\TEMP\IMAGE.BIN
Leave all other settings Default - make sure the RAW option is selected!
When ready click START to create the CD-Image file on harddisk.
This will create the CD-Image file (C:\TEMP\IMAGE.BIN) and the CD-Image Cuesheet (C:\TEMP\IMAGE.CUE).
Extract the Patch Archive to the path containing the CD-Image file.
Open a DOS-Box/MS-DOS Prompt and change directory to the path containing the CD-Image file (and patch).
Patch the CD-Image file (IMAGE.BIN) by executing either:
For the PPF Releases: Use the PPF Patch Engine
For the P4U Releases: Use the PAL4U Patcher
For the older Paradox (PDX) Releases execute: <GamePatch.EXE>
For most Respect (RSP) Releases execute: RSPatch <Filename.BIN>
Burn the CD-Image onto a CD-R:
In the CDRWIN - CDROM Recording Tools window click Record.
Click Load Cuesheet and select the CD-Image Cuesheet (C:\TEMP\IMAGE.CUE).
Click Start Recording.
When ready: Play the "Patched" Game!

whew (copy/ paste ;) )

Well, here s the ppf o matic link

enjoy ur game....

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I don' know what to make into the MS-Dos window. Can you explane it better?
o.k it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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