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i cannot play final fantasy IX. I start epsxe 1.4 and go to load cdrom.than i wait wait and wait.I can see only a black window.Why?i can play GT2 and ISS pro evolution 2 very well but not FF IX!
I've the german version.i think the PAL version.My configurations are;
I've a p III with 600 and 64 ram and a geforce2 gts/geforce2 pro

Excuse me for my bad english.if you can speak german you can send me a e-mail!

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ok then,

The principal of patching is quite easy. Just make a CD-Image file using CDRWIN, then use the patch to modify this CD-Image, so it adds a trainer or it removes a protection. Then this CD-Image is written back to a CD-R and the result is a "Patched" game.
The older patches contains an executable (*.EXE) which modifies the CD-Image (so no extra tools are needed). Most of the current patches use the PPF Patch Engine (*.PPF) to apply the patch. This is a separate tool which must be extracted to the same path as the CD-Image and *.PFF file. Sometimes a APPLYPPF.EXE PC PPF Patcher is already included in the Patch Archive then nothing more is needed to apply the patch. For more detailed information on PPF download the latest PPF-O-Matic from PDX.

Patches with the P4U extension need the PAL4U Patcher to apply the patch to a CDRWIN CD-Image.

Patch Instructions:
First make a CD-Image using CDRWIN (using the RAW-Option):
In the CDRWIN - CDROM Recording Tools window click Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors to Image File.
Enter the Image Filename: <Filename.BIN>
- for example: C:\TEMP\IMAGE.BIN
Leave all other settings Default - make sure the RAW option is selected!
When ready click START to create the CD-Image file on harddisk.
This will create the CD-Image file (C:\TEMP\IMAGE.BIN) and the CD-Image Cuesheet (C:\TEMP\IMAGE.CUE).
Extract the Patch Archive to the path containing the CD-Image file.
Open a DOS-Box/MS-DOS Prompt and change directory to the path containing the CD-Image file (and patch).
Patch the CD-Image file (IMAGE.BIN) by executing either:
For the PPF Releases: Use the PPF Patch Engine
For the P4U Releases: Use the PAL4U Patcher
For the older Paradox (PDX) Releases execute: <GamePatch.EXE>
For most Respect (RSP) Releases execute: RSPatch <Filename.BIN>
Burn the CD-Image onto a CD-R:
In the CDRWIN - CDROM Recording Tools window click Record.
Click Load Cuesheet and select the CD-Image Cuesheet (C:\TEMP\IMAGE.CUE).
Click Start Recording.
When ready: Play the "Patched" Game!

whew (copy/ paste ;) )

Well, here s the ppf o matic link

enjoy ur game....

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