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Someone please give me a review of the following games with Geforce 9800GTX(not overclocked) at 1280X1024 or 1024X768 resolution and if some you have this graphics card please tell me the FPS of the following games with the maximum settings possible:

Gears Of War(With PhysX if possible)
Assassins Creed
Mirrors Edge(With PhysX if possible)
Lost Planet:Extreme Condition
Call Of Duty 4
Call Of Duty 5
Brothers In Arms:Hell's Highway
half Life 2:Episode 2
Unreal Tournament 3
World In Conflict
Test Drive:Unlimited
Race Driver:Grid
Fear 2
Resident Evil 4

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You seem to have gotten the concept of a forum wrong. It's not about spoonfeeding you, it's about giving advice. You do the research, we help you interpret the results. Not you ask us for something and we wait on you hand and foot.

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You'll be able to maxx them all out save for Crysis, Warhead, Mirror's Edge and I dunno about Fear 2.

I own the rival card; I know these things when I researched it.
What you were asking for was a little much but... answering that question wasn't that hard.
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