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Need help with saving here (total noob)

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I'm trying to save on Pokemon Diamond, and every time I try and do so, it just doesn't seem to ****ing do it's job.

Yes, I've changed cartridge backupp media to it's proper setting (64 Kbs for 512 game).

Yes, I've read the ****ing FAQ.

No, I'm not using snapshots.

I've abbreviated the rom file to just three simple letters, and the ****ing **** still isn't working. Please, can anyone help out a total noob here? This is my first time ever using a GBA/DS emulator.

I'm operating on Window's XP SP3, with window's blinds (though, I really don't think that matters...), and as stated before, I'm playing Pokemon Diamond (V.05 US version, if it matters).
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First of all: EASY. No need at all to get worked up or expletive...
Second: Read Schumi's FAQ, Q7 in your case. It contains most answers.
To help you along the way, Pokemon Diamond uses Flash 512k, which you have to have set before you start the game (so you might have to reset the game).
Lastly, save-files are only written when the game unloads - when you load a new game or exit the emulator properly. Your problem might be that No$GBA crashed. In such cases, the save-file isn't created/updated.
Actually it's 512kbytes for a 4Mbit game, it seems you got the concept a little wrong ;)
Thanks, guys. I was a bit confused about the whole backup media format fiasco, but now I know my problem was pretty freaking simple to fix.

Again, thanks for helping a total noob out, lol. :thumb:
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