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My Comp's specs

AMD Phenom 9600 Quad core(black edition) OC to 3.1ghz from 2.3ghz
4gb of DDR2 1066
8800 GT PCI express 2.0 enabled

I have tried running Gauntlet Dark Legacy, the new WWE game, FF10, and a few other popular games. They all run slow(like 30fps or less sometimes) and I don't think my system is that weak. I am running Pcsx2_Pg Launcher newest version hosted on this site. My plugins are all the default ones with that came with it and the only settings I changed were shader 2 to 3 cpu to dual core mode and i forgot to mention I have the newest lily pad which my ps2 controller works fine with. I don't know if I should of read more on plugin settings but I thought I would of been fine with my parts. Please if anyone could take the time and help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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