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use pcsx2 playground. you can try enabling hacks to improve speed.

you need to run in administrator mode to utlize the vm build of pcsx2 in vist, otherwise use the tlb build. pcsx2 only takes a few hundred mb of ram.

use sse4 version of gsdx since you got a penryn cpu.

download the november patch to dx10 (my sig) which is needed for the latest version of gsdx (my sig)

your videocard is on the weaker end so i'd low the gsdx internal resolution to below the default, try 800x600 or even lower and slowly incriment up; your viedocard may be the bottleneck in this situation. 8500gt has half as many stream processors as the 8600gt which happens to be the suggested minimum for pcsx2. Basically this means in certain regards its much weaker then our baseline suggested card.

Make sure you have dual core mode and mtgs enabled in the cpu configuration settings.

make sure you go run/cddvd instaed of excecute. Sometimes you get bad image rips and have to rerip your dvd depending on the program you are using.
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