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need help with monster rancher 2 -_-....

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hi , can anyone help me with this game ?
when i try to get monsters from cd all i get is gaboo :( , and rare monster (which i think is all the same , but i cant reproduce it yet)
anyone know whats wrong ?
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Try the latest version or you can try to combine using vgs and Bleem!1.5b
Red Lobster, Brahm, we're in the same country
hey thats right

hoho , yeah , interesting ^^ , i tried the bleem , dont work either , thanks for the help though
do you guys get the same problem too ?
When i using VGS i only have about 4 type of monster, but when i combine with Bleem!, i can get almost every monster that ever listed.
I think that all of you should use this instead of VGS and bleem : Emuraydenv2.0 ( great too much if you compare it with both above.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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