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i need help!
in final fantasy IX on the second disc, i just went to the black mage village for the first time. after the black mages run away, the game sorta stops. it still runs, and all of the animation is still going, but zidane and vivi dont move and you cant do anything. whats the problem?

in chrono cross i just got to the top of the tower of geddon in the middle of the dead sea. right when you're supposed to fight miguel, the game freezes and epsxe closes. whats the problem?

my system specs:
athlon 1ghz, 256 mb ram, all-in-wonder radeon DDR 32mb
im using ISOs of my games, the cds dont work any differently
im using pete's DX6 D3D GPU plugin and pete's SPU

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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