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I've recently changed sound plugin to the Eternal one. Its a vast improvement, however when I load a save state with Dragon Warrior 7 I get no sound! It plays fine on the title screen. I have no save states with the mem card. I do not want to start all over again as i am 25 hours into it. The sound stops playing only when I use save states, it will keep playing if i start a new game.

So the best thing to do would be to save my game using the mem card within the game, so the sound will continue, when i load it up from the mem card from the title screen. but the problem with this is that even though i do this, when i go to the title screen to load from the mem card, it says there is no data on the mem card, even though i saved it ok onto it (using a save state from the game 25 hrs in).

any ideas how to get the sound working using Eternal and with the savestates?
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