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Need Help with ESPXe & FF7 Thanks!

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Hello, I am trying to get FF7 to work on ESPXe. I am totally new to PSX Emulators as I own a PSX and have never had any need for one. Now my FF7 for PSX won't work so I'm trying to get it to work on the computer :l=
I have ESPXe version 1.6 full installed (had to use 1.6 because 1.7 wouldnt load FF7 at all). FF7 loads and I can start a new game but as soon as I get to the first battle it just freezes. Also, in the short amount of time b4 the first battle (while they are jumping off the train and such) it is quite choppy but I could deal with that if it would work.
Overall, I'm getting sort of angry and confused. It took forever just to figure out how to get ESPXe to work at all. Lots of searching of google for information about other errors people have had. Had to download like 10 things just to get it to load FF7 whatsoever. Why must this be so confusing when, for example, emulators for SNES or NES are sooo easy to configure and use.
I'm sure I just sound like a whiner but I want to play this soo bad :l=
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If I can't get it to work with a little more work then I'm just going to drop 50$ and buy another copy of FF7.
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Post your system specifications (CPU, RAM, GPU, and preferably OS as well), and then list the plug-ins you're using (at least the video plug-in), and either use the plug-in's "Copy to Clipboard" feature to copy your settings into a post here, or post a screenshot of how it is configured.
I am also getting this same problem with PCSX 1.7 under ubuntu 9.04 I am using all the default settings, except for configuring the game pad, but I hardly see how that could affect it.

I have googled around and seen this problem reported allot but with no actual fixes.

Little update: If I choose run through BIOS instead of just run I get about an extra second before everything crashes. I actually see the blue of some of the menu XD But other than that there is no change. I am going to have a play with the settings and see what happens.
I would recommend to use Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9. It has the FF7 game fix built into it under the game fixes section & I've had no problems running FF7 at all.
I tried the plug in but it was not much help. It was running better, but still some audio stutter. Started a new game and got to the first battle, crashed at the battle entry.

Using this plugin:
Pete's PSX GPU plugins
Battle menu problems


I have a similar problem to this except my sound and video all work fin its when i enter into any battle all that appears for my battle menu is a big black box any advice on how to fix this?

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