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Ok, by the beginning of this semester at my uni....I got bitten by a mad dog which compelled me to create a 3D videogame using Directx 9 SDK. Being a games lover, I "thought" it would be fun and easy but the more I learnt...the more ridiculus it became .... though I started to like my Analytical Geometry and Linear Aljebra more. Anyways....

I used a few tutorials, including the ones that came with the SDK and a book "Advanced 3D Game Programming with DX9" by Peter Walsh....and I have finally reached the point where I am learning more about the .x file format and how it is used in DX.

I wanna know if there are any good tutorial sites that takes me further in this regard...where I get to learn more about collision detection, animations....etc.
Any referance to any text would also be helpfull.

Moreover, I would like to know some places where I can find .x file format meshes and those of videogame characters if I Snake or Dante or if nothing then the models from CS :p

Thanks for the help...
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