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Need help slowing down Tekken

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Hi I was playing the first Tekken game and my problem is the game goes way too fast and I tried lowering the fps by setting a max fps and no matter what fps I set its still going way to fast. I was wondering is there is a way to lower the buffer rate or how to fix the game going so fast. Thanks.
Edit: I'm also using 1.6.0 because for some reason with 1.7.0 is gives me an error that a .dll file cannot be found and I've tried redownloading the zip file.
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what is the brand and model name of your CPU? im assuming the .dll file you are referring to is zlib1.dll, right? did you make sure to unzip it first and then place it in epsxe's main directory? you can also put it in your system32 directory but that is usually not necessary (you can still try doing that though).
use EternalSPU and set it to async:wait
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