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Okay I've installed all my plugin and yet everything is still slow and choppy espically the sound.

Anyway the os I'm running is Windows 7. I have an intel graphics card and that's about all I know.

Anyway can anyone help me configure my pluggin settings so that the emulator runs smoother and the sound is choppy.

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It's hard to tell without knowing more specifics, but you did give "just about" enough for me to give a "general" answer.

My answer is, forget ePSXe. Why would I say that? I know that's not an answer to your question itself, but the answer would be to use the P.E.Op.S Software plug-in, as that's about all that card will run acceptably (not counting the inaccurate and outdated Direct3D plug-ins), but Windows Vista/Windows 7 break the rendering in that plug-in, and it looks terribly pixelated beyond belief. I'm not saying to give up on Playstation emulation, but this emulator itself isn't your best choice (given the OS and GPU combination).

Since you say it's slow and choppy but don't mention anything about bad quality, I'm going to assume you're using one of the OpenGL plug-ins, probably the OpenGL 2 plug-in, which is a very bad idea on that GPU. You really can't configure it to get full speed. The GPU is just too slow.

Honestly, you're better off switching to the emulator pSX. It has no hardware plug-ins or hardware rendering, so it does it all in software, but since the software plug-in is about all you can really use in ePSXe anyway, and it'll look worse, you'll be getting with pSX what you would with ePSXe if Windows Vista/Windows 7 didn't make P.E.Op.S plug-in look so bad, so you may as well.

The other alternative is to try the Direct3D plug-in. It doesn't need much to perform well, and it will make the 3-D look better than a software emulator or plug-in would, but it's pretty inaccurate and outdated.

It's your choice really.

As for the sound, either it's choppy because the display is (if the game isn't running full speed, neither will the sound, since it's synced to game speed), but if it's actually choppy, try downloading and using the Eternal SPU (set it to SPU ASync and Smooth, with a buffer of either 32 or 64).
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