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i wonder if there is a way to recover game save from pcsx2 memory card(mcd001.ps2)?

i want to integrate this save (made with pcsx2 emulator) in my PS2 memcard , and i just need to explore this .ps2 file to extract my save...but i don't know how!

please help me...

sorry for my language (i'm not english)

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Maybe it is a way to do it. But only using the emu. Cos extrat the save from the .ps2 quite dificult.
Try using the same program from the ps2 in the emu. And then save the game to the USB. Then you can pass the save to your ps2.
The problem is that there isn't a USB plugin working right now.

Maybe in the next version (linuzapp is working on one, but I don't know when is it going to be ready)
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