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Need help please, year-long headache, Adripsx Dragon Quest 7 problem...

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Basically I've been a life long Dragon Warrior/Quest fan, I've played all the ones on Nintendo and Super Nintendo and though I've never owned a psx I bought a legit copy of the Dragon Quest 7 game to play on my computer. It's great game and I am way into it and Adripsx has emulated it fast and flawlessly...

Until I get to the part where you have to switch to disc 2. I can't get anything to work. Adripsx doesn't seem to switch cd's, no matter what i do. I also can't get any mem cards to work in hopes of loading it up on another emulator. I guess my only hope would be if another emulator could somehow read the save state files Adripsx creates. So far I've had no luck in making that happen.

It's taken me a long time to play through the game legitimately (no codes) and I really don't want to start over in another emulator. :hdbash:

Does any one have any ideas at all on what I can do? I'm willing to give anything a shot. You will have my eternal thanks.

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Adripsx doesn't support disc swaping (it's on it's faq :lol: )
There is a memcard convertor that will create an epsxe save but i don't remember the name. Just look a little.
actually AFAIK there is no adripsx --> ePSXe memory card converter.

if you can save when the disc is over, then start playing from disc 2 (like in the FF games), then do that. otherwise, i think you're screwed :(
Hmm...we think you are screwed :(
We tried to see if DW7 could enable partial memcard support in AdriPSX...Unfortunately it doesn't.

Looks like your back to the drawing board...sorry
Yeah I played extensively with the memmanager thing, to no avail.

Oh well, thanks for the replies, It's been a long time now and I've forgotten most of the story so I guess ill just start over.

This time I'll prolly use codes to help with the experience building though.

Off to Fishbel...
I'm a newb when it comes to this but is the AdriPSX save not even able to be converted to any other save type?

I've done a quick search among the programs although I haven't tried them but you might want to try this one:
It's Aldo's memcard manager and I just clicked the 'save as' button, and it did name Adri PSX so I hope for you it will work, it's worth the try I guess :)

Edit: I guess you posted the post above while I was typing mine :(

Edit 2: I also found out that the version on NGEmu is outdated. v1.3a is out while NGEmu is providing 1.3
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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