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Hi ,dear All :

I just bought the Kiky- joy psx to pc converter . I have had
trouble to make it work in my pc . I install the driver from the Cd
disk fisrt and then I connect the kiky-joy to the usb connector
in my pc . Then I check the gaming options in control panel
. There is no any game controler recoginized .Then I check
the device manager . In the sub list of universal serial bus controller, there is an item " unknown device " with an sign
showing it's disabled . I don't know what to do . I'm sure
the usb connector in my pc works alright because I have an usb wingman rumble gamepad working very wel . My os is Win 98 .
My computer is p 3 , 450 . I guess the problem is that for some reason my computer can not use the driver on behalf of Kiky-joy
but use win 98's internal usb driver to eanble the Kiky-joy and
see it as an unknown device .

Anyway , Maybe there is just one step away to solve the problem
.I need help from you all .

Sincerely ,

Lonely man
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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