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Need help on choosing "mini" pc's

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I'm currently looking for desktop PC's with very small form factors. I need to stack at least 16 of them and they need to fit on a small rack. How small? As small as possible. Also, they must have decent enough performance. The original specs of the design requires at least 3.2Ghz procs (or AMD equivalent), 1GBIT lan card (as high-end as possible), at least 1GB memory, don't care about the vid card, don't care about the cd-rom drive, at least 120GB harddrive and 1or2 PCI slots.

I've been looking around and all I've managed to dig up so far are small form factor, slow-ass pc's. So please help me, cause my boss is gonna start chewing my ass if I don't get a prototype up soon :p Cost should be at most $3K each. Also posted on some "hardware" forums, but I dunno maybe some of you guys can help :D
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i remember seeing a thing like this, where a guy built a bunch of computers on a rack. they were ITX motherboards and he just attached them to a rack. cant remember the site though..maybe it'll give you hope.
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