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Hi everyone, i found my old game FFIX i didn't play for too long and i decided (as i sold my PS2) to play it again on epsxe. I was surprised to see that the game was working full speed on a dumb computer Pentium D without any graphic card and just 1gb ram. Cool! That way, i have been able to go threw the forest and the ice cavern, now i'm about to leave Dali's village and here i got a problem.
Zidane is jumping with Grenat into the flying boat and there's a cinematic sequence. This sequence appear to be quite complexe because it's a melt of mpeg movie (i guess) and 3D caracters (as the first sequence of Alexandrie where we meet Vivi for the first time), and my computer is just unable to emulate this sequence, no metter what plugin i take, even null plugin crashes in the middle of the sequence! I tried on an other computer (able to emulate perfectly PCSX2 unlike my actual comp) and it stucks at the same place!
Fortunately, i could make a savestate a few seconds before the sequence.
I guess my CD is too old or dusted...
Unless you knew a solution, i uploaded my savestates (i think the one that concerns us is #3) and if you would, you could try to pass threw this sequence and then give me back an other savestate right after the sequence.

My game is a french one (SLES02966 or something like that).

If you could help me, i'd really appreciate.

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Thank you

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