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Need HELP Digimon 1

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Everytime I play Digimon the text boxes carry over letters from the last conversation making it hard to read, how do I get rid of them Im currently using random plugins I just found they work for other games but only the Digimon has this problem can anyone give me links to download the best plugins and tell me good settings for them so it wuld work good on all my PS1 games.
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post a screen shot of your current config.
Simply press the "Print" key at your keyboard while the config screen is showing.
Then open up any paint- or pic-viewing program and "paste" it. Cut the appropriate area, showing the config, out and save as .jpg or .png to make it viewable in this forum and to ave bandwidth.

To make a ingame screenshot:
Simply press "F8" while playing any game to make a screenshot which will be saved in the "snap" folder. Be aware that PEOPS will output a snapshot of the whole V-RAM, so you have to cut out the appropriate region which represents the actual game screen yourself with any paint- or pic-viewing program (e.g. irfanview will do just fine).

Btw. you have to convert the .bmp screenshot to .jpg or .png anyway to be viewable here in the forum and to save bandwidth.

Hope this is of some help.
Dont have any image editing software....
Cant anyone give me links to the best video and sound and or other plugins so these things dont happen?
everybody has mspaint.
yep but dont know how to cut up the pictures there
press ALT+PrintScreen rather the Ctrl+Printscreen

it will only copy the active window rather then the entire screen.
Can someone reply I really want to play this!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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