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need help configuring triggers which cancel out in the game

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i'm trying to configure an official xbox 360 pad connected through a non official wireless dongle, thus not detected in the game Horizon Zero Dawn (epic games version).

global mapping works in the game (all buttons and sticks) BUT the RT & LT triggers "don't" when both are pushed.

I'll try to explain, the game doesn't need analog values for RT LT and handles them as "buttons", but when i hold both triggers the game believes i've released them.
In practice you need to hold LT to aim your bow and then hold RT to draw the bow, then release RT to fire.

Here's the button mapping and triggers value, both pushed.

Photograph Light Font Input device Screenshot
Rectangle Azure Font Parallel Screenshot

I've just installed this app so my knowledge is very limited.

From what i gather the game seems to read the green dot moving on the line and not the "0-255" values of the blue dots and i don't know how to fix that.

thanks for your help
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