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ok, so i did a search, and read through all the previous disc changing threads before posting this one.

I am playing Parasite Eve 2, on PCSX, on a machine running osx 10.3.9.

Just got to the end of disc 1, and trying to get disc 2 to work. In the game, you get in a truck in a full motion cutscene, and then the "Insert Disc 2" screen comes up. I tried inserting disc 2, and nothing happens. I press all the buttons, and nothing happens.

After researching through this forum, and google, I found some answers, none of which work. Someone in this forum mentioned something along the lines of "Pressing F9 and F10" to emulate opening and closing of the playstation lid. A lot of games from what I recall will automatically continue once you got disc 2 in there, and you click the lid closed. In my case however, F9 and F10 do that lovely "EXPOSE OSX" thing.

There was also talk about saving on a memory card slot in disc 1, and trying to load it from disc 2. I feel ashamed for even trying such a thing, but alas, it did not work.

Then someone somewhere mentioned something about "Sapu's Plug in" for the cd-rom plugin in pcsx. They said something like, "This totally worked for the disc swap, then i switched back to the default cd-rom plugin because its faster."

Yeah. Just did a search for the plug-in, and it looks pc-only. (The download link was a windows icon.) however, i managed to get the file, "cdrSaPu.dll"

I am pretty sure there is no solution for such a small market of people who are using psx emulators in an osx environment, but I am wondering if anyone here has come across this cd-swapping problem, and has a fix for it.

Also, I wanted to ask if there were any bigger PCSX or OSX emulation forums around. I used to get my answers from, but they seem to be down for the count.

thanks in advance!

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