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I have few question about the PS2 Emulator.
Do you need Japanese BIOS to play Games such as Kingdom Hearts II JAP? or are there no such thing as Japanese Bios. And Everytime i run a ISO file, the PS2 Emulator suddenly slows down and my CPU usage goes to 100%. Anyone know why this is happening to my PS2 Emulator??

AMD athlon 64 Processor 3700+ 2.21 Ghz
2.00GB of RAM
Nvidia Geforce FX 6800 GT 256 mb

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Any BIOS can run any region game. Eg: my US BIOS can run Japanese and European region games as well as the US region. As far as speed, it's partly due to not having enough power, but also because this project is still work in progress. Speed is bound to pick up, though not right away. Compatibility is the priority right now.;) Next time instead of double posting, just edit your first post if you need to add anything.:)
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